Mobile Market Statistics 2015

Mobile Market Statistics

In less than five years, smartphones and tablets reached 40 percent saturation in the US alone and by 2017 mobile market statistics state that there will be over 10 billion connected mobile devices. The meteoric rise of the mobile devices, especially the smartphone, is due to more than just simple convenience. Consumers began adopting it rapidly into their life for several reasons:

  • Personalization – While later feature phones allowed you to set different backgrounds for your phone, it doesn’t quite give people quite as much power to customize their phones as smartphones today. Besides changing the entire user interface appearance of your phone, there are also millions of apps to download for every activity you take part in.
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App Store Marketing Wars: Google Play Vs iOS

app store marketing wars

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The following is a guest post from, who specialize in app store marketing.

It’s no secret that Google Play and iOS are the dominant forces in the mobile app market. Since a large number of users select what apps to purchase by browsing these stores, it’s important that developers keep abreast of the latest trends and technologies affecting mobile app search and app store marketing. Do your research to ensure you give your mobile app the best shot at success.

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Mobile Conversion Rates: 4 Essential Steps


One clear benefit of selling through mobile devices is that people genuinely like it, and often prefer it over any other form of shopping. To give you an example of what people think, a survey of 1,000 consumers with smartphones was conducted by Lightspeed Research for Accenture. Fifty six percent of consumers believed that mobile devices make the shopping experience more enjoyable, meaning there is a clear opportunity to improve your mobile conversion rates. According to a 2013 study by McKinsey, m-commerce is a big deal. It underscores the importance of focusing your marketing resources and strategies with that in mind.

“Now totaling $200 billion in global transaction value, mobile commerce is projected to grow by 35 percent annually over the next five years. In the U.S. alone, mobile payments should surpass $200 billion in transaction value by 2016.”

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MMB Picks of the day

picks of the day

With so much going on in Mobile Marketing, here are our picks of the day from team, on what’s worth a few minutes of your time:

  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition hits 30 million downloads
  • Language Translation Tech Starts to Deliver on Its Promise
  • Apple will set even bigger App Store records in 2015
  • App Stores Growth Accelerates in 2014
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Mobile Design Optimization

Mobile Design

With users currently numbering in the billions, mobile is a huge up and coming consideration for marketers and advertisers. The convenience of mobile devices translate to higher usage rates for both business and pleasure browsing, and both are categories that factor into buying behavior of the modern consumer, so mobile design is key for success.

In order to better handle this trend towards mobile, it’s important to facilitate mobile usage that advocates for simplicity and format. Rather than just re-sizing your webpage for mobile, or attempting to exactly translate it to the smaller screen, design your mobile app or page with the user in mind. Today’s user wants easy-to-find information on the go or at their leisure, and giving them this experience in an attractive and comfortable design package is the key to winning with mobile.

Navigation in Mobile Design

The mobile version of your webpage needs to start with a comprehensive navigation layout. There are existing ideas on ways to start fresh with a new mobile site. Know your own objectives for mobile as well as your target audience. What do people look for in conjunction with your company, and what do you need them to see?

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Facebook Acquisitions:

facebook acquisitions

The latest of the Facebook acquisitions is big news for me, and so is everything in the speech recognition and speech reproduction space in the years ahead of us. Given we all have a device we can speak into (ok, it might not be the communications wristwatch Michael Knight used to wear) I really feel we’ll be moving past typing very soon… As long as we can find somewhere private to dictate our personal messages, of course!

Anyway, the latest of the Facebook acquisitions is that of, a not-more-than-2-year-old startup working with speech recognition… And they’ve not done badly so far either: up to now, they’ve got over 6000 developers using their platform.

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WhatsApp Users Count: Now Over 700M


WhatsApp, the messaging app acquired by Facebook last year, has now reached 700 million monthly active users, according to a post by the company’s CEO on Facebook. This obviously means the total WhatsApp users count is a lot more when you count users who are not so active.

Jan Koum also noted that users send more than 30 billion messages per day on the service.

The last official user figure for the messaging service that had been released was 500 million, revealed on the company’s blog in April last year.

The latest figure puts the WhatsApp users count a long way ahead of its main competitors…

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Plans for 2015

Happy 2015!

Now the new year is upon us, I have a few thoughts that I’d like to share with you all – and they’ve been a long time coming…  : )

During the past nine months I found myself with very little time to spend on my blog, so it basically became impossible to maintain myself… This turned 2014 into – by far – the worst year for this blog, since its creation back in 2008.
You see, my background is – and always has been – technological. I always appreciated the underlying tech that makes mobile marketing campaigns work, and this
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