Top 10 + 1 Mobile Marketing Stories Including NFC News, mCommerce Studies, etc.


Written on Monday, April 04, 2011 by Giorgos Saslis

Hadn't had the time recently to post everything I've been reading on here, so here's everything that I've been wanting to share with you all and haven't found the time to do so... go through the list below and take your pick on your topic of interest...

  • A new mobile app just rolled out by the neighboring San Jose Earthquakes soccer team brings in-seat concession ordering at sports events.
  • Faithless fans testing NFC’s social networking capabilities
  • Smartphone owners like to scan and save, study finds: Bar code scanning and discount apps are the most popular mobile features, research finds.
  • Millennial: Android Continues To Account For Over Half Of Mobile Ad Impression Share
  • Mobile Dating Study from OfferMobi . 
So go on.. Start your week with a bit of reading up on what's been going on around the world...

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  1. Julien Page |

    Interesting stuff, just wish there were links to your other blogs. I read a blog post on where they make a great argument that if businesses do not get onto the mobile marketin bandwagon, they will eventually get left behind. Wasn't exactly sure what NFC was - so thank you for the clarification.

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