The Rise Of Business SMS [INFOGRAPHIC]

Even with the likes of person-to-person messaging services like iMessage (now also available on the Mac) and BBM, SMS is still live and kicking, and I don’t see it going anywhere just yet! (And for at least as long as not everyone can afford an iPhone, Mac or Blackberry, etc.) 
A good reason behind this is that beyond its use for person-to-person communication, SMS is also an ideal medium for broadcasting a promotional message. This application-to-person type of messaging (a.k.a. SMS Marketing) is still very big these days and constantly growing.
The latest infographic from TextMarketer, presents the types of businesses that make the most use of SMS Marketing as a tool for business, some general statistics on the size of the Mobile Marketing sector and the main reasons why SMS is still perhaps the most important mobile marketing tools.

  1. Thank you for the InfoGrapichic. I always like this thinks. Yes it is a matter of joy for the mobile marketer that the growth of Business marketing as well as mobile marketing.

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